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Pilates in the Workplace

Pilates in the Workplace

Desk work and long hours in front of a computer can result in muscle pain, joint problems, and back pain. Pilates helps to counteract these issues by increasing flexibility and strength, improving posture and alleviating stress, but fitting a session into a busy workday can be challenging.

Studio 17 brings reformer or mat Pilates into the workplace. Sessions can be kept to 30 minutes and employees return to their desks feeling rejuvenated and ready to carry on their day. Group classes or one-to-one sessions are available and exercises are customised to the individual with a focus on improving strength, mobility and flexibility

We are already working in partnership with businesses in central London and now have the capacity to take on more clients in Central or West London. Please do get in touch with us so we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

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