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Womens Health Advisor

Womens Health Advisor

Even in the most supportive workplace, it can be awkward and embarrassing for women to talk about their health concerns. Yet we know problems relating to miscarriage, fertility issues, pregnancy, and menopause, to name but a few, can seriously impact mental health and physical well-being. Our women's health advisor, Lysta Reardon is an expert in this area and supports women in businesses across London.

With a background in women's health and Pilates, Lysta takes an integrated and holistic approach to health coaching. Each session is bespoke and the techniques employed will be adapted to suit each client and their specific symptoms.

Lysta has an empathetic and caring approach and, as a qualified Compassionate Inquiry practitioner, can guide you to overcome psychological barriers to help you make real, sustainable changes to your health and fitness. Compassionate Inquiry techniques are beneficial for low mood and anxiety linked to hormonal imbalance and can help identify underlying emotional struggles that may be the root cause of tension. Lysta has had excellent results combining Pilates with these psychotherapeutic techniques to support her clients, both physically and emotionally.

We cannot offer medical advice or prescribe HRT but can signpost clients to relevant/recommended healthcare professionals for further treatment if appropriate.

Having personally suffered from debilitating menopause symptoms, Lysta has been running workshops to share her experience and learnings with others. Previous workshops have included eminent gynaecological consultants with expertise in menopause, as well as nutritional experts and psychologists. Each workshop is tailored to the audience and we have experience working across a wide range of businesses and industries.

Please get in touch with us on the details below to discuss your requirements.

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