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Lysta Reardon

Founder and Owner

Founder and Owner

Lysta Reardon is a mother of 3 adult children and founder of Studio 17 where she is the lead Pilates instructor, focusing holistically on health, fitness and well-being.  Over 30 years of experience in the field have given her an intuitive understanding of the close connection between the mind and body and its impact on wellness. Having recently trained under renowned physician and author Gabor Maté to qualify as a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner, Lysta is now offering Mind and Body coaching where she combines her expertise and experience to support clients undergoing significant life changes, such as starting a family, career change or menopause.

Lysta explains: ” How we treat our physical body; through what we choose to eat, how we exercise and even our posture impacts our mental state, both positively and negatively.  Likewise, tensions in our body are frequently caused by underlying emotional struggles.  By integrating Compassionate Inquiry techniques into health coaching, I help my clients become more conscious of psychological barriers and guide them to make sustainable, meaningful changes to their health and mental wellbeing. This results in increased confidence and happy, healthy clients!”

Lysta has an empathetic, caring, and non-judgemental approach and will adapt the techniques she uses to suit each client’s specific needs.

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