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Amelie Cresswell

Pregnancy/Prenatal Yoga

I first truly came to yoga in 2012 when expecting my first baby and found that attending pregnancy yoga classes completely transformed my experience. Week after week, I discovered how to support my changing body, address these aches and pains, calm my anxieties (which I had never managed to tame) and connect with my baby… It enabled me to truly enjoy my pregnancy right up and past my ‘due date’, and feeling completely serene and prepared about giving birth too!

And after ‘crash landing’ in motherhood (I had been prepared for birth, but not really for what comes after!) it was again yoga, and early mum & baby nurture practices that helped me heal my changed body, feel more rested when sleep was so scarce, connect with my little girl and trust my fragile mother’s instincts.

And ultimately, gradually, feel like myself again.

A practice that has continuously supported me ever since, as I went forward into another (long-awaited) pregnancy, and riding the joys and demands of motherhood, and the rollercoaster of women’s health too!

So much so that I decided to make this my work, my purpose. Using my personal experience, all the experiences of women I have encountered and supported so far, and many years of specialist training and education in the perinatal and women’s health field, to hold this very special space for you, and help you find calm, ease, understanding and trust in your body, baby and yourself, throughout conception, pregnancy, early motherhood, and beyond.

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