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Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine offers a fresh approach to treating, preventing and even reversing chronic diseases such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Recent data from NHS England indicates that over 75% of deaths from cardiovascular disease and almost 50% of deaths from cancer, the two main causes of death in the UK, are linked to preventable risk factors.

The aim of Lifestyle Medicine is to educate, equip and empower patients to protect their own health by adopting healthy behaviours and making sustainable lifestyle changes. It is not intended as a cure-all or as a substitute for medications or procedures but can help you make small changes that will have a lasting impact on your overall health and well-being and, in so doing, prevent chronic disease.

Unlike a traditional doctor-patient relationship, you will find that lifestyle medicine is patient-centric, focusing on your personal goals and needs. Such an approach encourages you to take ownership of your health.

An evidence-based clinical practice, Lifestyle Medicine takes a holistic approach based on the following 6 pillars:

• Nutrition
• Physical Activity
• Sleep
• Mental Wellbeing
• Minimising Harmful Substances
• Social Connections

An initial 90-minute consultation includes a comprehensive assessment of your current health status and risk factors and a full report with lifestyle medicine prescriptions. From September the assessment and subsequent follow-ups will include the use of a state-of-the-art 3D body scanning machine to measure. bioelectrical impedance and body composition.

Following the initial assessment, you can select a bespoke programme which incorporates weekly plans, regular support, and follow-ups.

Therapist or Healthcare Professional
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